In the second century Kekova was hit by a massive earthquake and the land slipped many metres below sea level killing the inhabitants of the town of Simena and forming an island.  The remains of the houses and their contents are clearly visible from glass bottom boats.   There are organised trips from Kas or from Cayagzi the harbour at Demre which is much closer to the sunken City.  The boat trips are organised by the co-operative and you will be taken to Kale for lunch and over the sunken city to explore its history.

The remains of Roman Villa that slid into the sea

Through the glass bottom boat you will see the plates tankards and eating implements used by the residents of Kekova before their town was swallowed by the sea following the earthquake


The remains of a Roman church

The Crusaders Castle at Kale, dating from the 4th centry BC



View from the castle